If you’ve been in an accident read this right away!

2013 June 25

There are three things you should be doing right now.

These three steps are the most important thing that you can be doing right now and surprisingly a lot of people miss one step or the other.

First: Seek Medical Care

It’s always important to seek medical care. A lot of people will injure themselves and think “oh, it’s not too bad:, take some Tylenol and worry about it later. That could be okay for some things but what happens if that particular injury or condition gets worse down the road and you’ve never seen a doctor. So we always encourage people by what we call my Treat and Forget Rule. See a doctor, get some treatment and if you don’t think it’s anything worse than you can forget about it. At least you’ve set the base and we know that you’ve had some type of medical condition so if something happens down the road, there’s a paper trail and some type of proof.

Second: Notify Your Insurance Company

You should always notify your insurance company if you’ve been hurt. Damage may be to your person, property, rights, or reputation. All are covered by the personal injury branch of the law. Personal Injury may be physical or psychological, but it must have been the result of negligence or unreasonable lack of safety on the part of another party.

It is important to document your damage by getting copies of police reports, ambulance reports, and witness statements.

Third: File Your Claim

After getting medical care, and after telling the police about your accident, you have to file a claim in writing with your insurance company. If you don’t file your case within a certain period of time you could permanently lose significant benefits.

You Don’t Have to Do This Alone

It’s important to know your rights and it’s important to have all of the information you need to be able to effectively deal with the insurance companies and protect your rights under the law.

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